Work With Your Dog, Not Like A Dog


June 2oth 2014


Celebrate with Bones Du Jour!  Stop by the dog bakery between 11 am and 4 pm for a free biscuit tasting or place an order for party platters, pounds for the hounds (bags of dog treats perfect for a biscuit station) or an organic pumpkin yogurt dog cake for delivery to your work place. Please place orders by Wednesday for delivery between 8 am and 10 am to your office on Friday.

Friday, June 20th, marks Pet Sitter International’s 16th annual Take Your Dog To Work Day. Celebrate your human animal bond with a work day filled with adventure for your dog and stress relief for you. Studies have shown that having a dog in the office can be beneficial in many ways, including relieving stress and increasing productivity. Even the Center for Disease Control promotes several benefits to human health from hanging out with our best friends.

I’m lucky that I have the opportunity to take my dog to work with me most days.  In fact, my bakery is housed in a very dog friendly complex. There are several businesses that have dog friendly offices at City Park Plaza and at least two of them can have as many dogs as humans come to work on any given day. Now that’s some dog friendly folks.!

My dog Joey comes to work with me at least twice a week. In fact, he knows he works on Wednesdays and Thursdays and gets confused if I don’t take him on those days.  He wanders around the house and looks at my husband like ” What the heck? I was supposed to go to work today.” He gets so excited to go he has a hard time keeping all four paws on the floor when I grab his leash and head for the door. Joey watches each turn the car makes and I swear if he could drive he would be able to drive me right to work. Having Joey in the bakery always makes the day a little brighter. He loves being there and has created a few jobs for himself including but not limited to;

  • Biscuit tester20140415_103032
  • Cleaning up stray biscuits that fall during packaging
  • Scheduling work breaks and walks around the lake
  • Protecting me and the biscuits (this is self imposed and we are still in negotiations regarding this one)
  • Official stuffed bear eviscerator

If you are interested in having your company participate in Take Your Dog to Work Day visit for fun ideas, a free Action Pack download and to register as a participating business. Enter their contest for a$500 cash prize and a $500 cash prize for your local shelter. Since you live in Fort Collins,  you can head to Funkwerks, Pateros Creek or any of the other breweries with dog friendly patios or tap rooms for a little “socialization” after work.

If you are planning on participating in TYDTWD, drop me a line or send me a photo. I’d love to hear how much fun you had!