Grain free dog treats at Bones Du Jour Bones Du Jour uses the best quality ingredients we can find for our dog treats. Our dogs are worth the extra effort and we think your dogs are too. Every ingredient is human-grade, all natural and in most cases organic and locally sourced.  We do not add salt, sugars or sweeteners, preservatives, oils or trans fats, artificial colors or flavors. Simply put, we pay attention to where our ingredients come from so you don’t have to. You have more important things to do with your time, playing with your dog for instance.

All of our hand-made dog treats are baked fresh to order and stamped with a “baked on” date so you know exactly when they were baked. Our dog treats are free of preservatives because we want your dog to have the freshest snacks on the planet. We don’t have a warehouse with shelves of treats waiting to be shipped so that leaves the waiting to you and your dog. We will bake and ship them just as quickly as we can but they do have to go through a drying process. So our best advice is to place your order before the dog cookie jar is empty. Planning ahead will prevent looking at big sad eyes for a few days.

Flours for Healthy Dog Treats

Our flours are stone ground to preserve their nutrients and are never bromated or chlorinated. Even our organic blue corn meal is stone ground for optimal nutrient and antioxidant properties. We purchase most of our flours directly from the farmer. Chick pea flour is the only flour we can’t get close to home.  Our grain free treats are made with minimally processed chick pea flour that is ground with the hulls on and contains more nutrients than the finely ground version you will find in your store.

Free Range Information

Bones Du Jour uses free-range animal products. Our chicken and buffalo liver stocks are made from free-range animals.  We use organic whenever possible. The buffalo are raised organically and sustainably but their meat is not certified organic because the buffalo fencing is 30 feet from the road instead of 35 feet so it does not qualify for organic certification. We feel so strongly that the buffalo from this ranch are of the highest quality that this is the exact same meat we feed our family.


Our original recipe treats contain an organic nine grain mix which includes barley, oats, brown rice, and flax seed. These grains are cracked, rolled, or minimally processed to create a more nutrient dense treat with a great texture and delicious flavor.


Healthy Dog Treats from Bones Du Jour of Fort CollinsBones Du Jour uses organic canned pumpkin and  fresh roasted pumpkins for our pumpkin dog treats. Every year we purchase  200- 250 pounds of organic pumpkins from nearby farmers. The pumpkins are washed, roasted, pureed and frozen to use in our delicious pumpkin ginger treats all year. Our dog biscuits are made with canned and/or frozen pumpkins,  and we use canned pumpkin in our pumpkin yogurt cakes for it’s uniformity in color and texture.

We feel that healthy dog treats are a must for your pet. Our animals are members of our family, taking care to provide them a nutritious, healthy dog treat is important to a life full of activity and happiness. Rest assured, Bones Du Jour provides biscuits your dog will love ♥ (and it’s good for them, too!)