Got snow? Your dog needs a car washing mitt.

I’m not suggesting that your dog will help wash your car but car washing mitts are handy to have around. 

Over the last week a lot of us have been through a big snow, the big chill and now that some warmer weather is on the way the meltdown has ensued.  Walking through ice, snow and now large puddles of water at the end of each block can make your dog’s walk seem like an adventure right out of  an Indiana Jones movie. Some of your dogs wear boots or doggie galoshes, which protect their paws from the ice, snow and road debris.  Here’s a tip for those of you who have dogs that don’t tolerate boots and a quick way to clean off their paws when you arrive back home.  A car wash mitt, the fuzzy soft chenille kind, is perfect for cleaning road debris (salt, mag-chloride, ice melt or anything else that has been put on the sidewalks and streets to melt that pesky ice) off of your dogs paws so they don’t ingest it. You can buy mitts made especially for your dog in most pet stores or pet sections of grocery and department stores but car washing mitts are much more economical, usually $4 or less (if you go to the hardware store you may even be able to take your dog with you for a quick outing, which is just that much more time to bond and have fun with your dog).  Buy one that is soft, machine washable and make sure it doesn’t have any chemicals added to the mitt. Make sure you mark it “DOG” so you don’t use the same one you used to wash the car.  Keep one inside your door, you can use it wet or dry and as an added bonus it will keep your carpet and flooring clean and tidy too. Oh, and don’t forget the undercarriage, give your dog’s belly a quick wipe down just in case anything splashed up during their walk. Keep a mitt by the backdoor too just in case your dog unexpectedly shows up with muddy feet.