Back to School Tips for Your Dog?!

It’s back to school time again.  Where did the summer go? Your dog is too cool for school so what’s back to school got to do with your dog? It turns out it could affect your dog more than you think especially if they have been spending the dog days of summer hanging out with your kids.  Spot is left at home while you take the kids shopping for school supplies.  Then there is the hustle and bustle of sorting supplies, getting back packs ready, washing all those new school clothes, figuring out schedules and lunches, and don’t forget that quick get away weekend before school starts, you know how hectic it gets.  Suddenly there is less time for fetch, long walks and belly scratches just to name a few things.

  1. Dogs are creatures of habit and thrive when they have set routines. Most dogs will adapt quite quickly to the new schedule. Try to keep things as close to normal as possible especially feeding times and walks. Feed them about 30 minutes after their walk if you can to keep their digestion in top notch shape and prevent bloat.
  2. Set aside dog time (in addition to walks and feeding) everyday to make sure your dog is getting enough attention. If you are running short on time combine things like cooking dinner or folding laundry with a few obedience commands. You’ll be surprised how just a few minutes not only improves their obedience it also makes them think and will tire them out.
  3. Whenever possible take them with you to drop off or pick up the kids from school. They love car rides and that little adventure will brighten their day.
  4. Break out the stuffed Kongs and toys that keep them busy for a long time, a busy dog is a happy dog. Bored dogs tend to get into trouble more than dogs that have had intellectual, social and physical activity during the day.
  5. Study breaks are a great time to play with your dog. Your kids need to get up and stretch for a few minutes so include the dog and have some fun!
  6. Be careful of too many snacks. I know I’m the dog biscuit baker but I don’t want your dog to have an unhealthy amount of treats, 7%-10% of their total calorie intake for the day are more than enough treats to keep them happy. Feed fewer, higher calorie treats and if you are worried about the quantity or need dog treats that fit in toys training treats work perfectly.




Since we are talking about school here is an equation for you:

         some treats + a lot of attention =  very happy dog!


Enjoy the last few days of summer and happy back to school!