Healthy for you, healthy for your dog and wealthy for your favorite dog or cat rescue.

I had the pleasure of talking to Doug Hexter, the CEO of, today.  What is Wooftrax? It’s a company that has developed  new application for iphone and android to help raise money for dog shelters and rescues nationwide.  The philanthropy doesn’t stop there, they even help out a few cat rescues, canine cancer research and soldiers that need a therapy dog to help with post traumatic stress disorder.  Sounds complicated but wait until you see how easy it is to raise money for your local shelter or rescue.

I’m usually the last one on the planet to get excited about apps but Walk For A Dog is definitely something to  bark about. Doug and his team have done an incredible job putting together an app that not only helps humans and their dogs but their favorite shelter or rescue too.  This easy to use free app couldn’t be simpler. Download the app, put in your name, email, dog’s name, a picture of your pet if you wish and your favorite shelter or rescue from the list of thousands (they are listed by state for your convenience). There are no mothers’ maiden names, secret passwords, dna of your pet’s grandparents to enter, it is quick and easy. Simply turn on the app when you leave the house and turn it back off when you get home.  While you and your dog walk, bond and get some good exercise Walk For A Dog logs your distance, time, mph and a map of your walk. Walk For A Dog keeps a history of your walks so you can compare them and if you want to challenge yourself to go farther or faster next time you can. The app then uses an algorithm using the number of people that have walked for a particular rescue or shelter, the number of times they have walked and how far they have gone. Just going down the block to get the mail, that’s okay, that counts too! And when you return home you can share your walk with others on social media with a touch of a button.

Once you have taken your first walk, the app will download information about your particular shelter or rescue including how many people are walking for them, how many times they have walked and how far they have gone. You also get a the same information to show you how much you have helped out your selected organization. If you don’t have a favorite local shelter or rescue Walk For A Dog will find the nearest subscribed organization and donate to them. Get the app here.

Don’t have a dog or want to walk for cats? No problem use the Walk for Cassie option and you can still donate to your favorite shelter or rescue. Cassie is Doug’s foxhound and she is a rescue  so she knows how important it is to help out dogs in shelters and rescues. Cassie is the poster dog, if you will, for rescued animals everywhere.