52 DAYS 2015 – Celebrate with your dog!

resized This sign is displayed in my bakery. I took it with me to one of the Winter Markets and sat it on the table with my dog treats, not anticipating that it might make some of my customers sad and remind them how limited our time is with our pets.  I guess I really wasn’t thinking about it in that way. I was thinking more along the lines that I should make every day special for my pets. Instead of celebrating once a year on their birthday, gotcha day or adoption day (which I will still celebrate)  I’m going to make every 52 days a very special day for them. I think even Joey, my wall flower, will be up for  a party every 52 days!

I started counting the days from January 1, 2o15 and every 52 I will be doing something to cherish the day,  it may be big, it may be small, but it will be about them and our bond. You’ll see posts and maybe a picture or two. February 21st will mark the first 52nd day in 2015.  Here is a list of all seven of the 52 days in case you want to do something special with your dog.

February 21st * April 14th  * June 5th * July 27th * September 17th * November 8th * December 30th

Now to come up with some extraordinary ideas! Dog cakes, special treats those will all have their place but I’m fetching for something BIG. Let me know if you have any ideas. I’ll share my 52DAYS2015 celebrations with you and I hope you’ll share as well.