National Dog Week – 8 Ways to celebrate

Happy National Dog Week! Did you know people and their dogs have been celebrating National Dog Week for 85 years? It was originally established to encourage more responsible dog ownership. We’ve come a long way in 85 years (that’s 595 years in dog years!).  Most of our dogs enjoy top notch care, food and fun with their families.

Here are some fun things to do with your dog this week:

  • Take some extra long walks and enjoy the cool mornings and warm days.
  • Unlimited belly rubs.
  • A few extra dog treats are always appreciated,  but be careful not to go over board.
  • Take some supplies to your favorite shelter or rescue. When they don’t have to spend their money on supplies they can spend it on the dogs.
  • Put a few extra treats in your pockets and treat all the dogs you meet on your walk to an unexpected surprise treat. Stand back and watch those tails go crazy!
  • Buy new toys, collars, beds or bowls for your favorite dogs and donate the gently used ones to a local rescue or shelter.
  • Give your dog a gentle massage or hire professional dog massage therapist to do it for you.
  • Ear scratch, belly rub, repeat


While most of our dogs are very lucky canines, we still have work to do as a nation to make sure all dogs are cared for responsibly, loved and treated like the beautiful animals that they are. So whatever your cause this week be it puppy mills, dog fighting, rescue, no kill shelters, spay and neuter clinics, lifting breed bans or another cause please consider a donation to your favorite and/or spreading the word about your favorite cause. Let’s get the word out for the dogs out there that aren’t as lucky as our own, they are depending on us.