Thanks, You and Your Dogs Are The Best!

Your dogs are the best - our bakery at Bones Du Jour

     A few years ago I took a chance. I decided to share with friends and family the dog treats I had been making for my dogs for years. I didn’t know if other dogs would enjoy the treats as much as my dogs did, if anyone would buy them or realize what care I took in selecting ingredients for Bone Du Jour treats. I paid attention to sourcing ingredients before it was the popular thing to do. I knew dogs didn’t need added sugar, preservatives, chemicals and that the oils used for baking are not healthy.

     Well, the dogs loved them, the people loved that their dogs loved them and now I have the best customers in the world! Thanks to all my great customers and my embezzling labrador mix, named Buddy, I am thrilled to bake treats for your best friends right here in this beautiful bakery or as Shadow calls it “The motherlode of dog treats”.  I’m proud to be considered a “biscuit goddess” from Pumba.

     Thanks everyone, I love your dogs as if they were my own!