Stay cool and beat the heat!

Biscuit Coolers 


At Bones Du Jour we encourage you to play with your food. When the temperature rises, try these simple biscuit cooler ideas to help beat the heat. They are as much fun as doggie ice cream without all of the mess and added sugar.


Freeze a bag of biscuits and feed them straight from the freezer for a cool summer time treat.

Biscuit Coolers – Place one biscuit in each compartment of an ice cube tray and fill with water. Place the tray in the freezer and when they are frozen solid, pop them out into a freezer proof container. Dogs that love ice cubes will adore biscuit coolers!

If the whole pack is coming over, take a food storage tub and fill it with Bones Du Jour biscuits, jerky, carrots and water to make a big ice block full of goodies. Dip it in hot water to release it from the container. This icy cold treat is best served outside in a bowl as it makes a mess when it melts. This is great in the summer and will keep a pack of dogs happy for a very long time.