Dog Treats by Bones Du Jour

Dog Treats by Bones Du Jour


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Dog Treats by Bones Du Jour

Heart Shaped Dog Treats

Dog Treats by Bones Du Jour are made with organic grains and free-range, grass-fed buffalo making them healthy and irresistible. These treats are low in fat and high in flavor.

Our heart shaped treats are perfect for snacking. Training treats are bite sized treats with all of the great taste of our regular treats in a one bite size that contains fewer calories. They are the perfect size for small dogs, training, walks and hikes, for dogs on a diet or to use in interactive toys. Click on the links below to see detailed descriptions and ingredients for each of our flavors and sizes.

Buffalo Liver

Peanut Butter

Pumpkin Ginger

You can also purchase an assortment of dog treats at our bakery in Fort Collins.


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